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The ama divers

Our Japanese inspired Spring collection is based on the strong
self-employed women, The Ama Divers, who for generations have dived for
fresh water pearls. The jewellery reflects the beautiful surface of the ocean
and the unique, real pearls.
The Ama divers
The Ama divers are a part of rich Japanese cultural heritage and are a tradition of free diving women, who made - and still make - a living diving for pearls. The girls chosen for the profession are trained rigorously in a special breathing technique, making them able to stay for minutes in the deep recesses of the water.
The Ama women represent a culture of self-supporting women - independent, untied and are praised for their excellent health and longevity, many divers keeping up their profession well into their eighties. The free spirit, the hunt for beauty and the feminine independence has inspired Pilgrims design team into a collection of feminine, strong pieces for each and every one of us, to create our own look, identity and, perhaps, myth.

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